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Services offered by ‘VideoTechnoService’ Ltd.:


  1. Local advertising insertion systems (main activity)

  •      Local TV and radio advertising projects design and installation
  •    Local advertising insertion stations production and setup for national channels
  •      Design, installation and technical maintenance of multiple local advertising insertion stations
  •     Local advertising planning software development, installation and support

2.      Promo-tours

  •    Organizational issues, casting of artists
  •     Lighting, sound, stage

3.      Technical audit and consulting

4.      Filming, TV programs production and placement

5.      Filming and movie production

  •      Documentaries
  •      Commercials
  •      Technical support of filming process

6.      Lease of equipment for TV, radio and concerts

7.      Portable TV studio O.B. Box, live broadcsting, TV live broadcast placement

  •      Lease of portable TV studio for live O.B.
  •      Lease of O.B. Van (from low key performances - large-scale events)
  •      Television space bridge set-up
  •      Complex live transmission organization
  •      Information agency work type mode

8.      TV channels and radio stations monitoring on the local level

  •       Recording of live TV and radio broadcast
  •      Analysis of recorded broadcast  
  •      General reports

9.      TV channel and radio stations technical design and installation

  •       Technical project documentation design
  •       TV channel and radio station work process set-up and equipment installation
  •      Equipment purchase
  •      TV channel / radio station launch

10.  Local advertising campaign set-up

10.1. Direct advertising for local television radio stations placement

10.2. News placement in 50 local television radio stations (Ukraine)

10.3. Live broadcast and local television radio stations rebroadcast set-up (including complex schemes)

11.  Design and maintenance of technical projects of any complexity and scale

12.  Technical and administrative staff throughout the country  

12.1. Maintenance and design of allocated systems and projects

12.2. Well-coordinated work regarding information collection and video materials


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